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Trust is vitally important to any business relationship. However, if we've never met this can be difficult to accomplish. To begin this process, please read this page to gain a better understanding of who we are and what we do.


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Supplemental Retirement Program:


We specialize in a supplemental retirement program for high-income executives and professionals. Unfortunately, statistics show that 70% of these folks will suffer a decline in their standard of living during retirement because of a lack of savings during their working years.  


We can help you prevent this outcome.


As a CFP for many years, we have learned that many of our client's have the same concerns. They want to know:

(1)  Am I saving enough for retirement to maintain my standard of living (probably not, as 70% of high-income earners aren't) and how can I save more, without sacrificing my current lifestyle  (Would a 3:1 contribution match help?)

(2)  How to avoid the potential to pay much higher taxes on income in retirement (Would substantial non-taxable income be of interest?)

(3)  How to incorporate an alternative asset class into their portfolio which will create retirement safety and avoid a major drop in asset value (such as stocks) just prior to or right after retirement? 

(4)  How to pay for an eventual long-term care event that could have a devastating effect on their savings, without purchasing a LTC insurance policy?

(5)  How to protect a portion of their assets from creditors or a major lawsuit?

(6)  How to best increase their eventual retirement income? (We can provide 60-100% more retirement income for the same dollar contribution.)

We provide solutions to each of these concerns and look forward to "bringing you a more confident retirement".

Group Plans:

If you have a number of executives or professionals in your organization we offer plans for groups as well. One type of plan is either for C-corps, LLC's who are taxed as a C-corp, or for non-profits. These plans are either called ESD or Tri-Zen, depending on the number of employees enrolled. Contributions are pre-tax and should result in 100-200% more income during retirement (depending on age) than other retirement programs with the same dollar contribution. All other entities are called a Kai-Zen Group Plan. Contributions are after-tax resulting in 60-100% more retirement income.

The plan could be used as part or all of an acquisition fee, or as an improvement or addition to existing supplemental retirement plans like deferred comp, cash balance plans, SERP’s, or bonus plans.


These selective plans offer significant design flexibility as the contributions for 5 years can be funded totally by the organization, totally by the employee as a voluntary benefit, or by a combination of both which seems to be ideal. In a group plan the minimum income level is $100,000 a year, reduced down from $200,000 for an individual.

Wealth Transfer:

Many high net worth individuals would like to transfer some wealth to their children and/or grandchildren during their lifetime. In addition, there are people who want to leave a meaningful financial legacy to a ministry or charity to experience the value and joy from the gift while they are alive. There are 4 primary techniques which could be used to accomplish this.

(1) Annual gifting program

(2) Irrevocable grantor trust

(3) Direct payments

(4) Intra-family lending)

Others may also have a desire to transfer some wealth at their death. Techniques used could be:

(1) A bequest

(2) Beneficiary designation

(3) Titling

However, there are many people who do not feel comfortable leaving large sums of money with no control
on how it will be spent. Instead, they would prefer to have a plan that allows their gift to provide long term meaningful benefits, over the course of their children’s or grandchildren's lifetime. Our program can help achieve this objective.

Why would now be an excellent time to consider implementing a wealth transfer program?

Because of possible changes which could occur in the near future:


  • Increased Income Taxes

  • Increased Capital Gains

  • Net Investment Income Tax

  • Increased Estate Tax

  • Reduced Estate Exemption

  • Reduced Annual Gift Exemption

  • Reduced Lifetime Gift Exemptions


There are certainly lots of options to consider when developing a plan for a wealth transfer. However, we believe there is no better program to accomplish your objectives than the Kai-Zen program from NIW. 


Nick Chambers

As a graduate of Florida State University and a former Army military officer, I began my career as a Certified Financial Planner in 1988. After living in the Atlanta area for over 30 years, and then western NC for six, my wife and I recently moved to Fairfield Glade, TN to continue my work and also to enjoy some of the activities we really enjoy. (pickleball, golf, basketball, game nights, etc.) 

We recently built a house on one of the golf courses in the Glade, after which we are looking forward to conducting several Bible studies in our home.

I am actively involved in our local church as a choir member at Central Baptist of Crossville. I also enjoy  performing a Tom Jones music show for country clubs and association events, (using performance tracks for accompaniment), as well as  participating in the Senior Olympics and a few national tournaments in singles pickleball competition. 


Our three girls as seen below all live in Charleston, SC. with our four grandchildren. Our sons live in Atlanta and the Florida keys with a wonderful new granddaughter.


My priorities in life are my relationship with and obedience to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my desire to serve Him as best I can, and my love for my wonderful wife Trish, and my children and their family's who fill me with immense pride and joy. 

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