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Planning Options

Financial planning can help you reach your goals throughout your life—whether you want to buy a house, save for a college education, live a fulfilling retirement, leave a legacy for your children, or make a difference for a charity. A CFP® professional can help you set your goals, provide a roadmap to reach them, and be your guide to the special tools and strategies that can help you get there.


As a one-time or ongoing service, we can help you create a comprehensive plan for your long-term financial goals, with or without an investment management component. This involves considering all aspects of your financial life and using sophisticated financial software to map scenarios, plan the needed steps, and factor for contingencies. To view a sample plan with charts and graphs that covers all of the following areas, please click here.


Financial Profile:

Balance Sheet, Net worth, Liquidity, Income, Expenses, Savings, Goals, Family

Investment Analysis & Management:

Risk Tolerance, Asset Allocation, Allocation Path, Sector & Style, Concentration, Tax Allocation, Holdings, Monte Carlo, Mortgage, etc.


Interactive Retirement Analysis:

Income sources, Withdrawal Rate, Spending, Cash Flows, Stress Test, Qualified Plans

Social Security Optimization

Learn how to maximize your Social Security income. Confidently make big decisions, like when to start receiving benefits.


Insurance Needs Evaluation:

Life, Disability, Long-Term Care, Property & Casualty, Medicare & Supplement

Evaluate your needs in different situations and identify ways to ensure your success.


Tax Planning Analysis:

Tax Estimate, Distributions, Reduction

Easily see how you'll save money with an optimal tax-efficient distribution strategy—with explanations of withdrawal schedules and Roth conversions you will truly understand.


Education Funding Analysis:

Projected Cost, Scholarships, Student Borrowing, Parent Borrowing, 529 Plan, Coverdell Plan, Lump Sum Savings

The cost of education has risen substantially over the years. Projecting the future cost of education, as well as your current funding level, will help you in determining the proper course of action based on your goals, the type of funding you are using, and your time horizon.

Student Loan Management

Use our unique student loan module to illustrate different scenarios so you can reduce payments. Ease the burden of student debt. 

Trust & Estate Planning

Do you have specific wishes for your beneficiaries? Caring for another person young or old? Charitable foundation or endowment fund? If your investment needs are for the benefit of others, we can help. As a CFP advisor we will assist you and collaborate with your trusted legal and tax professionals on personal (revocable and irrevocable), charitable, and guardian trusts. Likewise at the institutional level for endowments and charitable organizations. Learn the flow of assets at the end of life, including any possible estate tax ramifications. Replace anxiety with the peace of mind, knowing your assets are in order.

Budgeting Tools 

Manage a budget, track spending in various categories, and manage expectations for future spending.

Debt Management:

Balance, interest rate, minimum payment, current payment, proposed payment

Account Aggregation

Bring together your client's bank accounts, credit cards, and externally-held investment accounts all in one place. It’s finally easy to see the full financial picture.


Mobile Access to Information:

Check your information on the go with a mobile app. Check account balances, budget, and more.


For a flat fee we can provide a Comprehensive Analysis with recommendations for improvement of your current financial situation, or a review of specific areas of interest. 

Here are several short 1-minute videos reflecting some areas where we could be of benefit:   

Change Your Financial Future Today!



Stay On Top of Your Financial Life!








Navigating Market Uncertainty








Get Ready for Retirement!








Benefits of a Tax-Efficient Distribution Strategy!








Take Control of Your Student Loans!








Client's have many "what if" questions (see the "What If" Questions tab) they would like answered. We can help you get these answers to these questions.


If you feel you could benefit from our services, please complete the information on the Contact tab and we will get in touch to briefly chat about your concerns and situation, discuss our planning process, and explain our fee structure. 


Thank you!

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