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My primary mission throughout my 32 year career as a CFP has been to help professionals, business owners, and their executives navigate life’s financial uncertainties and give them the peace of mind and results they desire. 

Our Business Owner, Executive, and Professional Benefit Plan has been used successfully for businesses who may be searching for an attractive but financially feasible way to help recruit, retain, and incentivize valuable employee talent, as well as select individuals within the business who have been given an invitation to participate on their own. (see Discriminatory Benefit Plan on the menu tab - $200,000 in annual family income is required, unless an employer contribution is also made, in which case $100,000 could be considered on a case by case basis) 

No matter what age, everyone needs their liquid assets to continue to grow. Our Tactical Opportunity Growth Portfolio has achieved extraordinary results since its inception. (Please visit Asset Management on the menu tab) for information and to view some of our results. I am certain you will be shocked at our performance for this portfolio. (A minimum of $250,000 of investable liquid or IRA assets is required)

Even if you feel you are in good shape financially, wouldn't you want to improve your financial growth if you could so that you could contribute more to the ministries and other charitable organizations you care about? We can help!

The business owners I have met care about those who have helped them build their businesses, therefore, they have a desire for them to have a financially successful and financially stress-free retirement, including themselves. Based on my expertise and experience as a CFP®, I am confident I can help you achieve these objectives.

People Don’t Plan to Fail . . . They Just Fail to Plan!

Nick Chambers

As a graduate of Florida State University and a former Army military officer, I began my career as a Certified Financial Planner in 1988. After living in the Atlanta area for over 30 years, my wife and I recently moved to Fairfield Glade, TN to continue my work and also to enjoy some of the activities we really enjoy. (pickleball, golf, tennis, boating, game nights, etc.) 


Our three girls as seen below all live in Charleston, SC. My priorities in life are my relationship with and obedience to my lord and savior Jesus Christ and my desire to serve Him as best I can, and my love for my wonderful wife Trish, and my children and their family's who fill me with immense pride and joy. 


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