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Nick Chambers


During my career as a CFP in the Atlanta, GA area I concentrated on holistic financial planning for clients.


However, about 6 years ago I decided to retire and move to the mountains of western NC.

What I learned during this period is that retirement didn’t really suit me as I had a strong urge to be more productive. I believed I still had more to offer in service to others, particularly from a financial perspective. Since we were somewhat isolated in NC, we decided to move to the Fairfield Glade community between Nashville and Knoxville, TN to begin a new chapter in my career, and enjoy the lifestyle afforded in this area.

While I no longer practice holistic planning, it quickly became apparent there are specific areas of need which I could address and provide a solution.

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Do any of these 9 areas of need resonate with you personally?

1. I recognize estate planning is important, even for those who wouldn't be considered wealthy. However, I find it somewhat confusing, and if I go to an attorney's office for assistance it can be expensive. How can I learn more about the documents that would be important to us, and is there a way to get equal quality but at a reduced cost?  (see the EP tab for information and the subpage VIDEOS for information on specific documents.)

2. Interest rates on guaranteed safe investments have been quite low. How can I get a higher rate than my CD's, yet still enjoy equal safety? See the MYGA tab for a solution paying higher rates. - paying 5.40% for 3 and 5 years. (as of May 1, 2023)


3. Many retirees will never need access to the income from their qualified plans, (IRA's etc.) but are forced to take this income and pay taxes on it. That being the case, how can I use this money from RMD's most effectively. (See the RMD tab for some options, and the QLAC subpage for a technique that most people who have a traditional IRA should utilize)

4. Most people don't have access to a company or governmental pension plan which provides them with consistent lifetime income. Therefore, is it possible for me to replicate this income from the private sector, even if it’s only for a stop-gap period of time, such as waiting for Social Security to begin? (See the SPIA tab for information)  In addition to this, I'm also aware that as a man it is likely that I will pre-decease my wife. Therefore, how can I guarantee she will be well taken care of without the burden of worrying about our investment portfolio? (An alternative to a SPIA is a DIA, a Deferred Income Annuity that doesn't start paying income until a later date, similar to a QLAC for traditional IRA's)

5. A long-term care event in retirement could cause significant stress to other family members and potentially deplete savings. What options do I have for paying for these costs, other than purchasing a traditional LTC insurance policy? (See the LTC tab for options) 


6. Many individuals have older life insurance policies or annuity contracts. Would a newer and more modern contract or policy accomplish my objectives more effectively? (See the REVIEWS tab for information)


7. As a grandparent, I’d like to provide a monetary gift to my children or grandchildren while I'm still alive, as well as an inheritance when I die. How can I do that so that it is both meaningful and memorable, and will eliminate the possibility of them becoming a spendthrift. (See the GIFTING tab for some options)

8. I’m a Christian, which means I try my best to obey God and His Word. Therefore, when He says He owns everything and that we are mere stewards of His property, I believe Him. So, when I see Fortune 500 companies that I am invested in acting in such a woke manner by sponsoring and promoting activities that would appear to go against the Word of God, it distresses me. I ask myself, is there a way to invest profitably while maintaining good stewardship by investing in companies that are aligned with my values, while eliminating those who are not? (See BRI for more information)

9. As a family, we earn a very attractive income, however, we find it difficult to save for retirement. For this reason, we are concerned we won’t be able to maintain our current standard of living when we retire. Is there any way to increase our savings level by 3x, but allow us to continue our current spending level at the same time? (See the KAI-ZEN tab for more information - Most appropriate for ages 35-55 with a $200,000 plus family income)


Please select those areas which could be of interest and which would appeal to you personally, then visit the specific menu tab to learn some solutions for or each of these issues.

*** Many experts viewing my site wouldn't care for it as they would feel it is too wordy. I'm sure they're right, it probably is, and for that I apologize. However, with limited knowledge, I designed the site entirely myself with the objective of providing enough information for you to be able to determine a need and a possible solution, while developing a desire to want to discuss it further. I sincerely hope that's the case and I look forward  to communicating with you!

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