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Trust is vitally important to any business relationship. However, if we've never met this can be difficult to accomplish. To begin this process, please read this page to gain a better understanding of who we are.


Upon completion, please click on this Web Link to view a short 3-minute introductory video. You will also be able to enter several bits of personal information to receive an idea as to the type of benefits you could receive from our program. In addition, we also provide other videos and information on this site for your review. 

We specialize in a supplemental retirement program for high-income executives and professionals. Unfortunately, statistics show that 70% of these folks will suffer a decline in their standard of living during retirement because of a lack of savings during their working years due to other financial obligations,  We can help you prevent this outcome.


As a CFP for many years, we have learned that many of our client's have the same concerns. They want to know:

(1)  How to save more, without sacrificing their current lifestyle (Would a 3:1 match help?)

(2)  How to avoid the potential to pay much higher taxes on income in retirement (Would substantial non-taxable income be of interest?)

(3)  How to avoid a major drop in the stock market just prior to retirement

(4)  How to pay for an eventual long-term care event that could have a devastating effect on their savings, without purchasing a LTC insurance policy

(5)  How to best increase their eventual retirement income? (We can provide 60-100% more retirement income for the same dollar contribution.)

We look forward to "bringing you a more confident retirement".


Nick Chambers

As a graduate of Florida State University and a former Army military officer, I began my career as a Certified Financial Planner in 1988. After living in the Atlanta area for over 30 years, and then western NC for six, my wife and I recently moved to Fairfield Glade, TN to continue my work and also to enjoy some of the activities we really enjoy. (pickleball, golf, basketball, game nights, etc.) 

We are currently building a house on one of the golf courses in the Glade, after which we intend to conduct several Bible studies in our home. One is for seekers looking for answers titled "Why I Believe", in addition to another titled  "Understanding the Basics of Bible Prophecy - no hype or sensationalism, just knowledge from biblical scripture."

I am actively involved in our local church as a choir member at Central Baptist of Crossville. I also enjoy  performing a 60's and 70's music show for country clubs and association events, (using performance tracks for accompaniment), as well as  participating in the Senior Olympics and a few national tournaments in singles pickleball competition. 


Our three girls as seen below all live in Charleston, SC. My priorities in life are my relationship with and obedience to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my desire to serve Him as best I can, and my love for my wonderful wife Trish, and my children and their family's who fill me with immense pride and joy. 

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