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Regardless of the age of a person, everyone should continue their efforts to grow their stock portfolio as much as they can. There are several good reasons why this should be the case. You will be able to:

  1. Increase your long-term retirement income

  2. Be more confident in your retirement income longevity

  3. Contribute more to the ministries and charities you care about

  4. Leave a reasonable financial legacy to your heirs, and

  5. Have more fun with hopefully less financial stress

Our portfolio strategies can be used for both your liquid assets as well as your IRA's. Many are concerned about the risk involved in the stock market, and rightly so, particularly for pre and post retirees. So, how can you accomplish these objectives and still minimize your risk to an acceptable level, while also minimizing fees and taxes? By utilizing the services of LifePro Asset Management.


What makes LPAM different?

Performance Results - Isn't that your objective? If you could get consistently better results with less risk, wouldn't you want to? Many experts, particularly avid proponents of passive index funds say you can't consistently outperform the market over a long period of time. While it is true that most active managers haven't been able to do it, that doesn't mean it can't be done.


Since the inception of our Tactical Growth Portfolio we have outperformed the benchmark S&P 500 Index by 159.85%  That's an average outperformance of almost 40% per year, so it would appear it is possible to outperform the market. if you have the right strategy and management team.  (see more stats below) How well have you done and wouldn't you like to do better?

Less Risk - In 2008 and part of 2009 the S&P 500 Index went down by 54%. Why did most portfolios go down with it? Because they invested their growth stocks in an S&P 500 index fund or mutual funds. In an index fund you are stuck with both the good and the bad, and you can't make any changes. You are told to buy and hold and eventually it will come back to pre-downturn levels. In 2008-09 it took 4 years to recover. After the great depression it took 25 years.


This might be fine if you have a long time horizon to invest, however, what if you're retired or getting close to retirement? You really can't afford a major loss. The problem is not necessarily being invested in stocks, although sometimes you should be totally out of the market, but that you can't make changes quickly enough if you need too. By investing in 20-25 high-quality individual stocks we can move rapidly to avoid a major drawdown, as well as increase our performance results.

Client emotions also play a major role in achieving unsatisfactory results due to impulsive decisions to sell when they shouldn't, because of the fear factor when the market starts to go down a bit. A famous Dalbar Study has indicated that over the last 30 year period the S&P 500 Index has been up 10.16%, while individual investors have only been up by 3.98%. Acting as a "Swing Coach", I help our client's resist this temptation by having confidence in our approach and long-term process.

When it comes too investing, there are two approaches you can take; tactical and passive. At LifePro Asset Management we prefer a tactical approach to investing.


'Buy and Hope' is not an investment strategy


Americans have been conditioned to believe in a passive investment approach. They’re told to buy and hold onto a set of products and continue the course even when the market crashes by 54%. This ‘buy and hope’ mentality with index funds is cheap, but can be potentially dangerous. For those that own mutual funds, their charters dictate they must keep a large percentage of their assets invested in the market, which at times can be problematic. Mutual funds can also have very high fees, and are certainly not tax efficient. 

LifePro Asset Management’s approach to investing is different. We take a tactical and personalized approach to everything we do. From the selection of markets, to sectors, to the 20-25 individual stocks we purchase, every decision made is tactical and customized to align with your individual goals. This allows you to have unparalleled access and control to your account that is difficult to find anywhere else.


Tactical strategies intended to outperform the S&P 500

LifePro Asset Management’s objective is to target positive absolute returns by tactically managing your money at all points of the economic cycle. The investment team identifies companies that command disruptive and dominant leadership in areas of the economy; positioned to benefit from many sources of sustainable, long-term growth.


An established, systematic investment discipline

Over the last 15 years, LifePro Asset Management has been developing a tactical asset allocation discipline driven from data, not emotion. This allows your account to focus on absolute returns based on your annual goals.
Investment portfolios driven by time and based on capital needs. Tactically managed investment portfolios offered by LifePro Asset Management are goal-oriented portfolios with investments that are recognizable and liquid. Your account is also fully-portable and can be moved at any time.


How tactical asset allocation works

Based off of a simple traffic light system, LifePro Asset Management looks at five key areas of the market. Depending upon these areas and their respective internal market indicators, we label the current state of tactical investing as green, yellow, or red.

 Fully Invest in Market
Signals include:
 Most stocks participating, economically-sensitive sectors outperforming, industrial production cycle healthy, and inventories low and new orders strong.

 Begin to Raise Cash
Signals include:
 Less stocks participating, banking lending becoming more restrictive, signs of inventory backlog, and defensive sectors starting to outperform.

 Move to 100% Cash
Signals include:
 Less stocks participating, more stocks falling versus rising in a rising tape, corporate credit risk rising, and inventory correction underway.

How well has this tactical allocation process worked?

Most financial experts consider the S&P 500 index to be the benchmark measurement for investment growth strategies. How are you personally doing against this benchmark?

Consider the performance results of the Tactical Opportunity Growth Portfolio offered by LifePro Asset Management:

This portfolio has been able to significantly outperform the S&P 500 benchmark since its inception. In this regard, since Jan. 2017 our TOP strategy is up +227.62% at the end of 2020thereby outperforming the S&P 500 by +159.85%

For the year 2020, our growth portfolio was  up +101.05%  , after fees, despite only a +16.26% price increase for the S&P 500 over the same time period. *see Disclosures Below

Similar to 2019 when the TOP strategy was up +41.20%, it is once again one of the top performing growth strategies in the country.* If you have been able to outperform these investment results on your growth equity accounts (including IRA'S) . . . congratulations. If not, why not give us a closer look?


We also can design tax-managed accounts as well.


While past performance is certainly no indication of future performance, we are pleased with our results thus far and look forward to a continuation of excellent results for our clients in the future. Please listen to an interview with the Portfolio Manager at LifePro Asset Management about the investment process.

A new approach to money management.


LifePro Asset Management redefines the way assets are managed. We’ll help you discover an optimal balance between market exposure and income and principal security.

A plan built just for you


Your plan will be handcrafted and specifically designed to help you reach your goals. You’ll see percentage breakdowns of recommended scenarios to meet your needs, wants, and wishes.

Your estate under one roof

LifePro Asset Management will position all of your assets to work symbiotically and efficiently under one plan. This allows for easy access to view your accounts all under one roof.

Powered by two of the largest brokerage firms in the world


Your assets with LifePro Asset Management are fully-secured with two of the largest and most trusted brokerage firms in the world: Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade.


Serving you with the highest standard of care


LifePro Asset Management’s relationship with you is a fiduciary one. As a fiduciary entity, we always act in your best interest. As opposed to non-fiduciary advisors, our loyalty lies with you, our customer.


Strategies to help grow and protect your wealth.

LifePro Asset Management complements your secured income and estate plan by growing your surplus assets. We’ll balance risk and reward and manage the impact of taxes.


Custom-built portfolios tailored to meet your needs.

Everybody’s situation is different. We take the time to understand your needs and wants and handcraft a portfolio that reflects your unique situation. You’ll be able to track it in real time and have 24/7 access to the team..


Tactical---Quickly move to 100% cash, if necessary


Tailored---Handcrafted to meet your unique needs


Transparent---Track investments and trades in real time


Customized portfolios matched to meet your goals.


LifePro Asset Management’s investment strategies are designed to meet your unique goals with a combination of tactical management and advanced technology.


Tactical Opportunity Portfolio

TARGET RETURN OBJECTIVE.  8%+ (Based on our performance results, this objective has clearly been exceeded) 
Take advantage of the market as it changes and leverage new and/or existing industries. 


Tactical Dividend Portfolio

Pursue a balance between growth and income to complement objectives.


Tactical Income Portfolio

Maintain spending power while targeting returns above the investment grade bond market.

Tactical Preservation Portfolio  

Preserve capital first with no significant returns required to meet retirement goals.


All LifePro Asset Management investment strategies include...
•    Professional tactical management
•    100% focus on returns
•    Handcrafted design
•    Flat monthly advisory fee
•    Transparent fund activity
•    Full liquidity, use, and control
•    Real-time tracking
•    24/7 access to team
•    Ability to move anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Which portfolio is right for me?
The right type of portfolio depends on what you’re looking to get out of it. We’ve created a detailed section for each of our four managed portfolios that go over the common characteristics of that type of investor. Review your options at the top of this page and speak with one of our licensed representatives to get started. 


Are my assets secure?
Yes. Your assets are fully-secured and backed by two of the largest brokerage firms in the world: Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade.


Do I lose access to my funds?
No. We have structured each portfolio to move to 100% cash, if needed. You have complete access and control over your account. Certain fees and penalties may apply so speak with a representative about your options.


What does 'tactical investing' mean?
The typical investing approach we see so often is what we call passive. It’s the old ‘buy and hold’ analogy, except nowadays, has become more like the ‘buy and hope’ analogy. LifePro Asset Management thinks differently about your investments. Using a tactical approach, we’re able to actively manage your portfolio on a daily basis; allowing us to quickly rotate from offense to defense, if necessary. With a personalized tactical approach, your portfolio focuses on returns with the optimal amount of risk.

What if I'm not happy, am I able to leave?
Yes. The account you create with LifePro Asset Management 100% belongs to you. If you unfortunately decide to part ways with us, your account is fully-portable and can be moved.


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You will learn quickly how transparent our approach and process is as compared to many other financial advisors. Please contact us to discuss your personal situation.

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Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that the future performance of any specific investment or investment strategy (including those undertaken or recommended by Advisor), will be profitable or equal any historical performance level(s).

Portfolio performance is the result of the application of the LifePro Asset Management’s proprietary investment process for the relevant time period. The performance calculations have not been audited by any third party. Actual performance of client portfolios may differ materially due to the timing related to additional client deposits or withdrawals and the actual deployment and investment of a client portfolio, the length of time various positions are held, the client’s objectives and restrictions, and fees and expenses incurred by any specific individual portfolio. Portfolio performance is shown net of the product fee of 1%, the highest fee charged by LifePro Asset Management and transaction fees. Performance does not reflect the deduction of other fees or expenses, including but not limited to independent advisory fees, brokerage fees, custodial fees and fees and expenses charged by mutual funds and other investment companies.


The data used to calculate the model performance was obtained from sources deemed reliable and then organized and presented by LifePro Asset Management.

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