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Health and Wellness Management Program

As an employer, if we could offer your company a free supplemental employee wellness program that will provide your employees with an abundance of new benefits, improve your overall employee retention, and save you tax dollars, would that be something that you would be interested in exploring?


The Capstone Health and Wellness Program:

1. The primary focus of our program is on predictive & preventative health before it becomes a health insurance issue.

2. Our Program is a section 125 Pre-Tax plan prioritizing preventative health and wellness.

3. This plan does not disrupt or replace any Medical or Supplemental Plan. It is simply an enhancement of current benefits for qualified employees.

4. Capstone Plus Health and Wellness can be at no Net Cost for the employer and  employee.

Capstone Health is a new program that helps employers save money and improve employee health. We offer three main benefits:


  • Tax savings of $400-500 per year or more per employee for employers, as well as potentially eliminating the expense for 1/2 of employee and family members ER visits and paying higher drug costs than is necessary.

  • Tax efficiency of $120-150 per month per employee for employees.

  • The ability to use employee savings to purchase qualified 213d products. 


It was made widely available under the Affordable Care Act similar to ERC.


This program is not a one-time opportunity, but a proactive health and wellness management program that can benefit both the employer and employees using the Amaze Health app.

With Amaze, you get direct access to their medical team without ever being stranded in a waiting room.


With the touch of a button, they take care of most medical needs right away. When you need help with the other aspects of healthcare, like insurance questions, medical billing, or finding a specialist, their team helps put you on the right path, and they support you every step of the way.


They are their members’ trusted medical partner, guiding them to the best care at the lowest cost while helping them live the healthiest life possible.

“Amaze has become the go-to resource for all our team’s health and medical needs. As an HR manager, I could never have imagined that a virtual health and medical service could be a powerful employee retention tool, but that’s what we hear from our employees all the time.”


Kristin Courtney, HR Director
W.E. O’Neil Construction of Colorado

Isn’t it time your health benefits actually benefit your employees?

“Our town is a little off the beaten path and there are not many good medical options locally. It always seemed like virtual options might be the answer, but there was no easy solution. Working with Amaze has meant our team only needs to build a relationship with one partner that is always there for them. That’s been a real game changer for us.”


Amanda Rice, Director of Human Resources
The City of Fort Lupton, Colorado

“Amaze has completely transformed how I approach my health, and I can already see the results in myself, and my changing habits. I get help with everything, from mental health to hormone and diet management. I truly feel like I get personalized support from the team that I work with. When I have a question about anything health related, Amaze is the place I go to first.”

Rachel Barton, HR Manager at Redlist, LLC

Amaze is . . .

  • your trusted, independent medical partner.

  • your advocate for care, insurance, and billing.

  • your friendly resource for all things medical.

They are just one touch away!
When you call, you’re connected directly to a provider.

Access to Medical Providers

Connect with our medical team and patient advocates at the touch of a button via audio call, video call, or in-app message. We support over 80 languages and provide 24/7 live support.

Tools and Resources
The Amaze app is packed with valuable resources. There is a  a wellness platform, a medical search engine with information you can trust, integration with your calendar, geofences, smart triggers – all of which combine to provide the most comprehensive solution available.


They provide the support you need to optimize your health and navigate the healthcare system.​​​​​​

  • This program is ideal for companies over 50 employees - the largerr the company, the more potential tax savings.

  • Must be W2 employees (cannot be used for 1099 contractors)

  • Affordable Care act created 4 tax codes to incentivize employers to give employees more control over their healthcare

    • New IRS ruling in April of 2024 gives businesses added benefits

  • When used together, they offer employers significant tax savings of $400-700 in FICA savings per employee per year​

  • Employees get an extra $120-170 per month OR additional benefits like long term care, critical illness, disability, gap plans and more​

  • No cost to employer or employee

  • Don’t need to change health plan

  • Implemented in less than 45 days

  • Triple indemnity policy to back the employer and protect the savings

For examples of how others are using the Amaze program, please view this these videos:   (18 min.)

Short Vignettes:   (Before the ER, call Amaze)   (Referral to Cardiologist)  (A whole team)   (Call Amaze first)   (Learn to advocate for yourself)

We would love to schedule a Zoom call with you to meet with one of our specialists to tell you more about this program and show you how it works. Please let us know when would be a good time.

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