Selective Bank-Funded 5-Pay Plan for Owners, Executives, and Professionals

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60-100% More Retirement Income for the Same Dollar Contribution! (There can be an additional benefit for for executives and professionals of non-profit organizations.)

What are the Concerns of a Highly Compensated Business Owner, Executive or Professional? 

  • They don’t want to give up their existing lifestyle to fund retirement properly

  • They understand they will not be able to maintain their current lifestyle in retirement with their current savings rate

  • They wonder what would happen to their family if they got sick or passed away

  • They know medical and long-term care costs could potentially wipe away their entire nest egg

  • They believe taxes will be higher in the future, which will dramatically reduce their retirement income

  • They have a fear of major market declines, particularly just before, or right after starting retirement

Where Are They Vulnerable?

1.  90% of highly compensated employees are saving 9% or less of their annual compensation for retirement

2.  Every study indicates to maintain their standard of living throughout retirement, on average 34% should be saved               (This can be extremely difficult due to current financial obligations) We help solve this problem by adding more                   money, without it coming out of pocket!

3.  There is a fundamental funding gap in saving for retirement

4.  Advisors also suggest protecting against adverse events that can stop your earning power

5.  Taxes take 37% to 50% of your retirement income, and could be more in the future

The Primary Retirement Challenge for High Income Earners Is - How to maintain the lifestyle you have today throughout retirement?

If you are trying to catch up on saving for retirement or are looking for a better way to create tax free income, our Bank Funded 5-Pay Retirement Plan will greatly increase your probability of success. How else will you do it?

Do you have a mortgage on your home? If so, why is this the case? Because you have a limited amount of cash you can put down, but you want to own a larger home. Our program essentially does the same thing, however, it's for your retirement income instead.

We help you save more without altering today's lifestyle.

Your retirement success is based on two core factors:

  • 26% is based on your rate of return and asset allocation.

  • 74% is based on how much you save.  Are you surprised by this?

Our program is the only plan out there that is bringing additional money to the game. Everybody else is trying to figure out how to spend their existing budget more effectively when they all know their budget is insufficient.

For Business Owners

Kai-Zen as a voluntary benefit or as an employer sponsored executive benefit plan:


We know from various research studies that 16 million people will be leaving the workforce over the next 10 years. We also know that CEO's report that recruiting and retaining executive and professional talent

is going to be a very high priority over the next few years, and will become even more important over the next 10 years.

Business owners also know they will need to pay more to keep their key people, which will have an impact on both short and long term profitability, because once you pay it, you can't take it away. This puts businesses between a rock and a hard place because they've got to stay competitive, but on the other side of the coin, costs will be going up because of this dilemma.

What are we bringing to the table?

More Money


People won't change for 10%, however, 60-100% more supplemental income at retirement will get their attention, particularly when compared to straight bonus plans. That is what our benefit plan can provide.


On average 100%+ more supplemental income than:

  • Deferred Comp's

  • SERP's

  • Non Financed Loan Regime Split Dollar

  • Acquisition Strategies

More Protection (Long-Term Care protection without purchasing LTC insurance)


Death Benefit

Chronic Illness

Critical Illness Injury

Asset Protection

Less Risk of Key Talent Loss

More Confidence

Stress tested to survive the "Great Depression" and the 1980's high interest rates.

Employers have 2 Options:

(1) Employee only contribution - Simply provide an invitation to participate in a Voluntary Benefit Plan

  • Give your executives/professionals access to participate on their own.

  • Increase benefit offerings without any company expense.

  • Help them increase their retirement savings.

(2) Provide the sole contribution or a matching contribution for 5 years

Employees don’t stay at companies for 20+ years anymore and the competitive nature of headhunting has recruiters coming at your top talent from all directions.  While most companies understand the need for competitive benefit packages in order to retain key employees, they are not able to provide everything at once without having to make significant financial sacrifices. It is crucial that your executives'/professionals’ basic needs are not only met but exceeded in order to differentiate your company.

Studies have shown that it costs as much as 30% of an employee’s base salary to recruit and train a new executive. Wouldn’t you rather use that money to benefit the executive/professional and motivate them to stay?  We make it easier to address these concerns with five planned contributions and a plan that has the potential to grow over time.

Most benefits require that you pay an annual expense as long as the employee stays at your company.  Even worse, this cost increases over time.  In addition, most businesses offer just the basic benefits, like health insurance and 401K matching. So, what separates you from the rest?

Many Employers Have Concerns as it Relates to Executive Benefits:

  1. How to effectively recruit, retain and motivate top talent?

  2. How to provide meaningful benefits to highly compensated executives/physicians who are looking to supplement their retirement savings without the restrictions imposed by qualified plan limitations?

  3. How to build such a benefit with tax efficiencies?

  4. How to build such a benefit without a long-term liability obligation for the company?

  5. How to build such a benefit that is not subject to creditors or to forfeiture?

  6. How to provide such a benefit that actually benefits the organization and is financially feasible?

  7. How to provide such a benefit on a selective basis?

Kai-Zen can provide a solution to each of these business owner concerns.


Summary of the Bank-Funded 5 Payment Plan:

  • 3x leverage from a lender increases the amount of cash available (100%-200% more)

  • No loan underwriting, interest payments, loan documents, or personal collateral required

  • Tax-deferred growth

  • Access to tax-free retirement income

  • Vital protection of death benefit, critical, chronic, or terminal illness

  • Typically 60% – 100% better retirement income versus self-funded strategies

  • Can be selectively offered only to desired employees as a voluntary benefit or as an executive benefit plan


  • Client Profile

•    Employee Age 18-65
•    Earning a minimum of $100,000 per year
•    Standard or better health

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