Bank-Funded 5-Pay Plan for Owners, Executives, and Professionals

(Must Be Able to Qualify)


60-100% More Retirement Income for the Same Dollar Contribution! 

Where Are Executives and Professionals Vulnerable?

1.  90% of highly compensated employees are saving 9% or less of their annual compensation for retirement

2.  Every study indicates to maintain their standard of living throughout retirement, on average 34% should be saved               (This can be extremely difficult due to current financial obligations) We help solve this problem by adding more                   money, without it coming out of pocket!

3.  There is a fundamental funding gap in saving for retirement

4.  Advisors also suggest protecting against adverse events that can stop your earning power

5.  Taxes take 37% to 50% of your retirement income, and could be more in the future

The Primary Retirement Challenge for High Income Earners Is - How to maintain the lifestyle you have today throughout retirement?

If you are trying to catch up on saving for retirement or are looking for a better way to create tax free income, our Bank Funded 5-Pay Retirement Plan will greatly increase your probability of success. How else will you do it?

Do you have a mortgage on your home? If so, why is this the case? Because you have a limited amount of cash you can put down, but you want to own a larger home. Our program essentially does the same thing, however, it's for your retirement income instead.

We help you save more without altering today's lifestyle.

Your retirement success is based on two core factors:

  • 26% is based on your rate of return and asset allocation.

  • 74% is based on how much you save.  Are you surprised by this?

Our program is the only plan out there that is bringing additional money to the game. Everybody else is trying to figure out how to spend their existing budget more effectively when they all know their budget is insufficient.

  • Client Profile

•    Employee Age 18-65
•    Earning a minimum of $100,000 per year
•    Standard or better health

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