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Estate Planning

Everyone Has an Estate Plan. It's Either Your Own, or, it's the Governments.


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So, which type of plan do you want?


Most people of any means realize it is vitally important to have certain estate planning documents prepared, and done so by a competent attorney. The problem can be the cost, which in some instances can be quite high. So, is it possible to obtain high-quality documents similar to going to an estate planning attorney's office, but at less cost and without going to an office? Fortunately, the answer is, YES!

We have taken the necessary steps to address this important issue to now offer you access to an all-digital program to create a complete estate plan portfolio. This service covers the necessary steps for developing a plan to help protect your assets and ensure that they pass on from one life onto the next generations with the least emotional or financial stress on the family.

My firm has invested the money to get a software license to be able to offer you a comprehensive estate plan in a convenient, simple, and affordable manner.  This technology company has been providing comprehensive estate planning nationwide for over ten years; however, they don’t deal directly with the public.  They invested millions of dollars to fund the development of sophisticated software that is comparable to law firms, but with more features and benefits.  The platform they provide was built exclusively for financial professionals. 

Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. The plan is more than just a will, more than just naming your beneficiaries – it’s about making a plan that will help your family during a difficult time. We can help you with that.


Can we predict the future? No! But one thing’s for sure, unanswered questions can leave your loved ones in despair.


An estate plan ensures you’re not only protecting your interests, but also means that those left to take care of your estate don’t have to prolong anguish or stop living their lives to manage what’s left of yours.

Should you have questions about the various estate planning documents that are important, please hover over the EP menu tab, then click Videos. 

Please contact us to request a copy of the 24 page booklet, "Understanding Estate Planning", and the attorney-drafted free quiz, "Which do you need, a will or a trust?"   

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The following video is a more complete analysis of the  Comprehensive Estate Planning process. (24 min.)

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