How We Can Help You

There are 8 primary reasons highly-compensated individuals and couples won’t be able to maintain their standard of living during retirement: 

1. They aren’t saving enough annually which equates to 74% of their eventual financial success. Most people are surprised that the rate of return and asset allocation only contribute to 26% of their success. Unfortunately, this is the primary focus of most financial investment advisors.


2. They will have too many assets that will be taxed as ordinary income in retirement, (ie. 401k and IRA), which will present a problem as rates will most likely rise substantially in the future.


3. They will pay too much in Medicare payments due to a high Adjusted Gross Income. You will be amazed at how much you might have to pay for Medicare in the future, assuming you are able to get it at all.


4. They will lose significant money on their investment risk portfolio just prior to or right after retiring.


5. They will need to use their personal assets to pay for an expensive long-term care event, (chronic, critical or terminal illness) or they may die prematurely and not be able to continue their earning capacity for the benefit of their spouse.

6. They won't receive any Social Security benefits due to the unsustainability of the system, which will most likely force the government to require means-testing. (Meaning high-income people will have their benefits dramatically reduced, or totally eliminated)


7.  They will experience a major loss in their bond portfolio due to rising interest rates. (visit our Protection page)

8. They will live too long due to continued medical advancements, thereby putting a major strain on their asset base. (Many will live to age 100 and beyond, spending 1/3 of their life in retirement)

We provide assistance to deal with each of these challenges. 

If you're with a C-corporation, does it have a need to retain some of it's

key employees? We can help! (visit out Exec. Benefit page)

Do you have a desire to transfer some of your wealth to a child, and want to know a very effective way to do it? We can help? (Ask us how)