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Plan Structure





The plan contains the assumptions and illustrations that you and I will review and agree to as representing your goals and expectations. We implement your plan and use IncomeConductor® tracking and management tools on your behalf to monitor your plan’s performance.


Implementation begins with the organization and allocation of your retirement assets into the appropriate time-based segments. Some of your assets may need to be repositioned into financial products more consistent with your income goals and objectives, while others may remain in their current form. We will carefully perform this process with the goal of achieving the most efficient asset realignment. The overall goal is to seek opportunities for generating the most reliable income.


You can take comfort in knowing that IncomeConductor® provides the flexibility to populate your plan with a broad array of funding vehicles from a variety of product sponsors, fund companies, and asset managers. We are totally product agnostic, although, we do have our preferences. This gives us the latitude to customize your plan according to your needs and take advantage of different investment management strategies depending on market conditions.


Your plan’s performance will be reviewed and monitored on a regular basis using IncomeConductor’s® state of the art tracking reports. This will tell you how your plan is progressing and if it remains in sync with your retirement income goals. You can make course corrections along the way should your needs change or markets perform differently than expected.


Harmony Through a Structured, Segmented Methodology


Your IncomeConductor® Plan strategy is built on a structured approach for addressing your retirement income needs. It follows a segmented methodology that divides your retirement into "segments" that each have a defined duration.


Each segment employs a different investment strategy, and each strategy is guided by an assumed rate of return. Those segments which have the objective of providing income in the early years of retirement typically hold investments or insurance products that have little or no stock market exposure. This also eliminates the sequence of returns risk many retirees experience early in retirement.


Segments not needed to provide income until later in retirement (typically 10 years and beyond) are placed in investments that carry varied market risk based on expected return within an acceptable risk tolerance. Dividends and interest earned, if any, in these remaining segments are reinvested as indicated by the arrows below.


The end result is that you will experience a peace of mind that will give you a permission slip to spend in retirement, knowing you will have guaranteed income that will cover not only your basic expenses, but also your discretionary and unexpected expenses such as long-term care. (It is vital that you know what specific assets you would use for this expense should the need arise.)


You will also be able to plan for specific expenses such as paying for the education of a grandchild if desired.


The freedom our clients experience from this strategy can be truly life-altering. However, for clients who may want to leave a financial legacy to their heirs or to charity, we generally take a long-term approach of 20-25 years which will enable you to feel comfortable taking a higher level of risk with your market assets, therefore, hopefully earning a higher rate of return.


We often tell our clients, “If you give me your retirement assets, I’ll give you 25-30 years of inflation proofed income. At the end of that time, I’ll give you your beginning balance back.”


Many husbands also want to make sure, that when they die there has been a trusted relationship developed for their wife. They don’t want their wife looking for a financial advisor at the most vulnerable time of her life. We have heard comments such as this, “Even though she may not understand some of what we discuss, she does like you and your concern for her welfare. While I’m paying fees that I don’t necessarily need to, I like the peace of mind of knowing that my wife will be well cared for.”

Please contact us to request a sample plan in a pdf format.

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