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Life Insurance & Annuity Contract Reviews

Many individuals have older life insurance policies or annuity contracts that should be reviewed to determine if they are still accomplishing the desired objectives or could possibly be improved upon.


Life Insurance Policies Review:

  • Do you have any in-force life insurance policies, and are you interested in seeing how these policies have performed since you bought them?”

  • Do you fully understand all the moving parts of your life insurance portfolio?”

  • Would you like to explore how your policy compares to the current life insurance policies available today that may have features or options that were not available to you when you originally bought this policy?”

  • It looks like your need for life insurance has changed over time. We should analyze if your current insurance portfolio can still meet your needs or if there’s a better option available in the marketplace today

Annuity Contracts Review:

  • Do you understand the details of your annuity contract(s)?

  • Is the annuity still meeting your needs?

  • Should you consider a 1035 exchange to a more modern contract with improved features and benefits?


To receive a sample copy of a CAR Report (Comprehensive Analysis Review) for life insurance and annuities please complete the following information on the appropriate form(s) and click Submit.

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