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Retirement Plan Review

    • Am I receiving the maximum benefit from my annual plan contribution?

    • Is there a way to increase my plan contribution for my benefit while decreasing contributions to my employees?

    • Do I have the ability to reward staff differently based on their importance to my company?

    Is my plan’s design right for me and my company?


Portfolio Risk Review

  • Do you know the risk level of your investment portfolio?

  • Does the risk level align with the level of risk tolerance for both the husband and wife if married?

  • Is there a way to substantially reduce the portfolio risk, while still maintaining an attractive return?    

Life Insurance Policies Review

  • Do you have any in-force life insurance policies, and are you interested in seeing how these policies have performed since you bought them?”

  • Do you fully understand all the moving parts of your life insurance portfolio?”

  • Would you like to explore how your policy compares to the current life insurance policies available today that may have features or options that were not available to you when you originally bought this policy?”

  • It looks like your need for life insurance has changed over time. We should analyze if your current insurance portfolio can still meet your needs or if there’s a better option available in the marketplace today

Annuity Contracts Review

  • Do you understand the details of your annuity contract(s)?

  • Is the annuity still meeting your needs?

  • Should you consider a 1035 exchange to a more modern contract with improved features and benefits?


Asset "Location" Portfolio Review

  • Do you think income tax rates will go down or up?

  • Would you like to discuss how your current accounts will be treated in retirement when/if you take income from them? 

  • What if you could relocate some of your assets to provide tax-free income and flexibility to help you time your other distributions to minimize exposure to taxes?

  • Would you be interested in a secondary retirement plan that included protection against premature death and long-term care/chronic illness expenses?

IRA | Qualified Plan Legacy Review

  • Do you have funds earmarked for passing on to your heirs at your death?

  • If you are certain you will not need these funds during your retirement, who would you like to get most of this money when you pass away? The government or your family?

  • Would you like to explore how, using those funds, you could multiply the amount of financial legacy you leave for your loved ones?

Supplementary Retirement Plan Strategy Review

  • Do you think income-tax rates will go down or up?

  • What if you could establish a plan of your own to supplement the retirement planning strategies offered through your employer?

  • What if you could implement a secondary retirement strategy that provided flexibility to help you time your distributions to minimize exposure to taxes?

  • Would you be interested in a secondary retirement plan that included protection against premature death and long-term-care expenses?

Estate Equalization Review

  • Do you have any assets, real estate, or business interests that not all your kids may want after you pass?

  • What are your fears about your children when they inherit your estate?

  • Would you like to explore how we can create a pool of cash that can equalize each heir’s portion and help ease family tensions?

Buy/Sell Protection for Business Review

  • Do you have a Buy/Sell agreement for your business?

  • Do you have the capital to buy out your partner if they pass away, or would you be interested in shifting some of that risk away?

  • Do you have a current business valuation to ensure your family gets the full amount if you die before you retire?

  • Would you like a specialist to review your current Buy/Sell agreement to ensure you and your partners are properly protected and it’s up to date?

Executive Retention Strategy Review

  • Would you be interested in providing a bonus arrangement to critical employees that provides them a meaningful benefit but restricts their access to it until an agreed-upon timeframe with the company?

  • Would you want to hear about what some other companies are doing to keep their key employees in this crazy job market?

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