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Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it.


If you are a female that participated in one of my tribute concerts for women ( Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdink, or a combination of all three), I thank you again for your attendance and for your decision to take a look at my website.

However, if you are an executive, professional, or business owner that has come to my website through another source, please know that I appreciate your taking time to visit as well.

As I mentioned at the end of my show, research shows that many women (and couples) are not where they should be as it relates to their knowledge of their own personal financial situation.


Unfortunately, many married women today leave many of the important financial decisions to their husbands (I'm not talking about  paying the bills), and they don't participate as an equal partner as they should.


My desire is to help solve this problem by educating them (and their husbands if married) about the financial planning process which can provide the necessary information they need to achieve financial success.


As a financial planning firm we can either prepare a comprehensive financial plan covering many areas, (please visit the Planning tab to view the many areas we could analyze and review), or prepare an analysis of specific areas of interest.


You should also find the Snapshot/Blueprint tab to be of interest as it shows how we can create an Easy to understand streamlined plan summary which organizes key charts and highlights in a single-or multi-page layout, as well as how to organize household financial data and goals using interactive, intuitive visuals.


I would also encourage you to visit the "What If" tab for a list of questions you may have that we could address.  Thank you.

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